How it works

My services

Initial Meeting

At the initial meeting, we discuss the significance of your decision to marry, and  how to access relationship support services.

At this meeting we also get to meet ,chat at my home office and get to know each other. If we connect, which is very important for both of us, we can secure your wedding date and start the wedding planning process by filling out the  legal documentation called the Notice of Intention to Marry.

Second Meeting (if required)
To book in and secure and fill out the legal documentation and then I will send you a sample ceremony a few weeks after our meeting.
Access to my resources for vows, sample ceremonies, ring exchange, definition of marriage and music recommendations.

Further explanation of the requirements of the Marriage Act regarding the ceremony itself ('Monitum', wording of vows, signing register and certificates, witnesses over 18), as well as signing the Declaration of No Legal Impediment to Marriage prior to the ceremony.


At the venue (venue permitting) in the days prior to your ceremony.

Marriage Certificate

A professionally printed marriage certificate.

Wedding Ceremony

A bound copy of your wedding ceremony.

Legal Paperwork

Completion of all legal paperwork.

Registration of Marriage

I will register your marriage and lodge with the relevant authorities on your behalf.

Name Change Kit

A complimentary name change kit will be provided to you to assist with your transition into marriage.

PA System

A professional quality PA system with MP3 player (USB) and iphone connectivity.

Dress Code

I will dress appropriately to ensure that I complement the bridal party and reflect your dress code.

Relationship Support

Discussion of the significance of your decision to marry, plus how to access relationship support services