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How do we say I do?

Aysu & Tolga
It’s super easy!
Choose a Ceremony Package option and then:


It’s super easy!
Choose a Ceremony Package option and then:


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Initial Meeting

We get to know each other; ensure we are the right fit.
If yes, then you sign away on the legal documentation which is the Notice of Intention to Marry.

Legal & Monitum

All the legal requirements will be discussed with you either at the initial meeting or at a later meeting.


You have access to my resources for vows, sample ceremonies, ring exchange, definition of marriage and music recommendations.

Relationship Support

A brochure is given to you with recommendations for marriage support/counselling if you think you need it.


At the venue (venue and schedules permitting) in the weeks leading up to your ceremony.

PA System

A professional quality PA system for all your music and microphone needs at your ceremony.

Marriage Certificate

A professionally printed marriage certificate is presented to you on your wedding day.

Registration of Marriage

I will register and lodge your marriage within 14 days after you say I Do. You can also opt to pay an additional $50 to have your official marriage certificate sent to you in the mail.